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Help Us Adopt Alina And Victor From Eastern Europe

That following Sunday, as I was sitting in church, my cousin Luda makes an announcement to encourage people to consider hosting a child for one month or perhaps think about supporting other families financially. Luda had done this in the past two times over and she described how the experience completely changed her life. I realized that I could no longer ignore this overwhelming desire to host a child and provide them an experience like no other.

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Network Security Essentials Workshop

Network users experience a known threat from illegitimate users who exploit known network vulnerabilities to hack, hijack or masqurade valuable data which is stored or transmitted by legitimate users over the network. This has brought about the rise of network security experts to fight against these malicious activities. To make the population aware of this vulnerability and to enlighten the population on ways to defend against such threats, a network security workshop is proposed. The workshop is proposed to run 3 days a week for the span of one year. The funding is required to secure a suitable venue as well to acquire various equipments required to carry out the workshop.

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Kellie Lorenzen – In memory of Michael Lorenzen

Our friend Kellie Lorenzen is experiencing a mothers worst nightmare. On Friday, January 26, she lost her son and ex husband in a house fire. Her oldest son, Zacheri, saved his youngest sister – a true hero. Although money will not heal Kellie and her family, any donation will help to alleviate some financial stress so Kellie doesn’t have to worry about how to pay for the funeral expenses and any basic needs in the near future on top of enduring the loss of her child. If you are near Exeter, RI and would like to drop off a meal to Kellie and family,

Raised: 300$ Goal: 4000USD

The Bereda Family – Prayers, Love and Support

Jorden has had his casts removed and is healing well from his injuries. He is now attending preschool and enjoys playing with his schoolmates. Although he is just a little boy, he has helped his family through this time of loss and sorrow. His love and energy has helped Tina and Dave find moments of peace and happiness. Tina has healed from her injuries and has been able to return to running. She and Dave have always enjoyed running, and now more than ever it gives them a sense of inner strength and focus.